Sunday, 9 July 2017

Although last week we had some cooler weather and much needed rain, the week before was extremely hot and the poor sheep didnt know what to do with themselves their fleeces had grown so long.  Luckily our sheep shearer Adele was shearing at a neighbouring farm and took some time out to come over and shear our little flock.  She said they were very nice sheep.  The sheep seem much happier now although the flies do seem to bother them now they dont have their fleeces to protect them.

Aimee was also feeling the heat, she had a really thick long coat, so we took her along to a dog clipping service up in Corlay and had her coat cut off.  She looks so cute now with her moustache and eyebrows and her fur which is obviously her undercoat is like velvet.  Nigel keeps teasing her asking her what she's done with our Aimee.  I think we are getting used to how she looks now but it took a little time.

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