Friday, 16 June 2017

The Kohlrabi Blunder

 Luckily we were able to laugh about it, Nigel so carefully tended our Kohl Rabi seedlings and they seemed to be growing really well.  Then Nigel happened to notice other KR growing around the garden and it turned out he had been nurturing common groundsel plants instead of KR - WEEDS!.  Never mind, like I say we had a laugh and now have another space in the patch to plant something different.  Probably put in some more beetroot which always grow well and we both enjoy eating.
The rest of the patch is progressing, slowly but surely, although the Spaghetti Squash never showed so Nigel has resown some more seeds, fingers crossed!  The swedes, broccoli and mangetout are doing really well and the six runner beans that came through are doing quite well, Nigel has put some more in the spaces in the hope they will show.  My brother Bobby kindly sent us a packet of runner bean seads from the UK.  I've joined a Gardening In France page on Facebook and the pictures other people are putting on of their potagers and the veg they are already picking is a bit deflating, but then I tell myself we were late in starting to plant plus a lot of these people live further down in the warmer parts of France.  We've both agreed we need to give the plot a good fertilize before next years planting.

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