Friday, 16 June 2017


Every so often we love a pastie so Nigel sets to and makes them for us, he quite often uses the ready made pastry you get in the supermarket for pies and quiches but always makes his own pastry for pasties and I must say his pastry is good!  We've found the best cut of beef to use for pasties here in France is either Bavette or Hampe which is the french equivalent of skirt (I think).  Beef is very expensive here and quite often really tough so we very rarely have a beef roast but have found by soaking in brine overnight it helps to tenderise it.  This week in the SuperU they had packs of cheval meat (horse) which we really like and it is more than half the price of beef, so we got a pack for 4.50 euros which had 5 slices which will give us 3 meals (the extra slice will be cut up and put in a stir-fry).  Another page I have joined on Facebook is Surviving In France On A Budget and they have some really good tips and recipes.

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