Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Well its been a few years since I posted on here so perhaps its time I started again!  I'm still an exclusive designer on Craftsuprint so maybe I will also post a bit over on TotalHilaryCrafting as well plus put on some pics of my crochet projects.

As an update on our situation here in Brittany, its just Nigel and I now as my sister Jacqueline returned to the UK a couple of years back along with poodles Pixie and Liqua and cat Loulou.  Billie the cat is still going, she must be at least 20 years old now, she had a stroke a couple of years back and is now very wobbly on her feet as well as deaf as a post.  We've thought we were losing her a couple of times but so far she has come through and will probably outlive us all!
As you can see here all she wants to do is cuddle, as soon as I sit down she's there wanting to sit on me which is a bit of a pain when I am designing and crocheting.
Aimee has grown into a beautiful big dog and she is so well behaved and loving, she dotes on Nigel and gets very jealous if he talks to Joli or Billie.  She follows him around everywhere and if he goes out anywhere and leaves her she just sits at the gate waiting.  She is so good out on a walk, she doesnt need a lead and comes to heal when called, although she can be a bit protective of Nigel and barks at passers by.
Joli is getting old now and sadly last autumn we found out he has tumours in his lungs and in his throat, the throat one makes him cough a lot and his breathing gets quite laboured sometimes.  He has metacam which helps with the cough but he constantly wants to eat and unfortunately usually as soon as he has eaten he goes out into the garden to evacuate (thats how Pataud was at the end).  He is still very lively though and runs about, although he rarely goes out for a walk with Aimee and Nigel.  We dont know how long it will be before he starts to go downhill but have decided we are not going to let him go through what Pataud did at the end, as soon as he starts to suffer at all we will put him to rest.

Regarding outside animals, the only other animals we keep now are Ouessant sheep.  We got our first four Ouessants in April 2015, two girls and two boys.  Last year the two girls gave birth, one each, a girl and a boy.  That boosted our flock to 6, then this year the first lamb born was stillborn, then two more, a girl and a boy, were born healthy and it was wonderful to watch them frollicking about the garden.  Sadly on two days running we lost both babies to a fox or some other beasty, so sad.  We are still making our minds up what to do about the sheep now, whether to sell the females (females are the easiest to sell) and get a couple more males so we have a single sex flock and dont have to worry about lambing, or try and sell the males or even offer them up for rehoming and get a couple more females.  No doubt we will make a decision sooner or later.  We would definitely recommend Ouessant sheep to anyone with a bit of land they need the grass keeping down.  The only thing Nigel has to cut now is the stinging nettles and the bottom field, the sheep roam everywhere else and keep the grass down lovely, unfortunately the bottom field isnt fenced in so we cant let them go down there.  It is planned to fence it in somehow at some point when we have the funds.

Aimee likes to think she is a sheep!

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