Wednesday, 31 May 2017

English Bread

Bread is unfortunately one of my biggest downfalls, I love bread, any sort of bread, especially french bread.  I don't miss too many foods from the UK but I have to say I do often miss a fresh baked bloomer or split tin.  We had a lovely meal yesterday evening, pan fried haddock (dry fried in seasoned flour) with new potatoes and peas and sweetcorn (my faves).  After cleaning my plate I said to Nigel the only thing missing was a piece of bread and butter.  Lo and behold when I got up this morning there was Nigel kneading away at a lump of bread dough, he had found a Paul Hollywood bloomer recipe on line.  I've just had a warm crusty end spread with butter and it was heaven!  Gorgeous, I must say it is Nigel's best bread loaf to date!   He's such a treasure my hubby!!

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