Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Biscuit O'clock

Dogs are such creatures of habit aren't they, our two get five dog biscuits each twice a day, once in the morning and once early evening (they get fed their main meal around lunch time).  They both know when its "biscuit oclock" as Nigel calls it because they pester (especially Joli) and when Nigel comes out with the biscuits they have their specific places where they sit and Aimee always expects a little tease play with Nigel taking them away and giving them back etc.  Billie has recently decided she should join in and have biscuits too, the first time she had a sniff at Aimee's biscuits she was put in her place and snarled off, Joli, being Joli and soft as anything, moved away to let Billie get in there and I swear if she could have got one in her mouth she would have eaten one.  So now at biscuit oclock Billie has her own little pile of Dreamies cat treats (on the settee where she sits).  This morning when he had finished his biscuits Joli came over to have a sniff at Billie's and was sent away with a swipe of her paw, claws out!  He really is a big softie!

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