Saturday, 10 May 2014


I thought I'd start posting about what I've been enjoying watching on the box and through Netflix/dvds.  I got the complete first, second and third seasons of Game of Thrones for my birthday.  I have read all the books so far on my Kindle and was totally hooked whilst reading them so I was really excited about seeing the tv serials and I wasnt disappointed - they were brilliant, I was totally rivetted all the way through and cant wait for the next series which is airing now on Sky to come out on DVD.
I've also now finished watching all the Twilight series of films which I really enjoyed.  I loved the wolves and Robert Pattinson is pretty darn scrummy as well!
There's quite a few good things on the tv at the moment, loving Crimson Field, Tomorrow People, Helix, Masterchef and especially Happy Valley.  Masterchef, I think Ping (Pong) is probably going to win, she seems to be leading the field at the moment.
I also adore Patrick Jane in The Mentalist and the new NCIS Los Angeles is quite good as well.
On Netflix we've just finished all they have of Criminal Minds which was pretty addictive so just waiting for them to get the latest couple of series on there.  I finished all of Dexter which I really loved and was felt quite bereft after I watched the last one.  Currently we are watching the American version of House of Cards with Keven Spacey, its pretty good I think, Francis (Kevin Spacey's character) really is quite evil.  I remember watching the English version and really enjoyed that too.

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