Friday, 16 November 2012


On Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from Joseph, a local chap we get our straw from, and there was this little dog in the garden, he shrugged and said "peut-etre chasse" (maybe a hunt dog), she was so friendly and Joli had a great time playing with her.  When Joseph left the little dog chased his car up the road and round the corner and we thought that was that.  Well half an hour later I went out to go on my afternoon walk and there she was sat at the gate begging to come in.  When we opened the door she was in! and now she's moved in lock stock and barrel!  We took her up to the vets to see if she had a chip - no chip, no tattoo, no name tag or number, so we put a note on the vets wall, we went to report her to the Maire's office, put her on Chien Perdu and Anglo Info.  Well so far no-one has claimed her or enquired so it looks like she's staying.  We'll wait till after the weekend then take her back to the vets to get her checked out.  She seems really healthy, still very young, lovely white sharp teeth, we've wormed her and she doesnt seem to have fleas, she's had a powder bath (pic above) and lots of brushing and she is constantly hungry and thirsty and is very restless and yappy.  Our main concern is that she might be in the early stages of pregnancy so we need to get that checked out and cross that bridge if and when we come to it, but all in all it looks like we have another dog as a companion for Joli.  At the moment she is Nigel's shadow and definitely responds more to his commands than mine (its always the same).  She doesn't seem like a chasse dog to us and she is more or less house-trained (apart from the odd accident) asking to go out at the door.  It would be nice to know her story, very sad if she has been dumped, very sad for her previous owners if she has got lost, but in that case why is she so happy to stay and not try and leave to find her way home, we can't get rid of her let alone need to keep her here!  Unfortunately it is a sad fact that lots of dogs get dumped all the time, personally I can't get my head round how anyone could do it.  The lady at the Mairee's office said to put her back out on the street and she would find her way home but Nigel and I just couldn't leave her on the street, our garden isn't secure so she could go any time she wanted but she doesn't want to!  Will continue to post updates.