Friday, 6 April 2012

First Month Over!

Well thank goodness!  I had my last physio session this morning and yesterday I had the last of my daily visits from the nurse to give me an injection into my tummy!  I can hardly believe I have been home from hospital for a whole month.  Now it is up to me to keep up my walking regime to strengthen my new hip and leg muscles.

I went into hospital on Wednesday 29th February and had my operation on Thursday 1st March.  I was out of bed sitting in a chair for a couple of hours on Friday 2nd, had my first walk on a zimmer frame on Saturday 3rd and was up on crutches and managing stairs on Monday 5th.  On Wednesday 7th Nigel picked me up and took me home - what a whirlwind!  The physiotherapist in hospital told me to walk for an hour a day, first of all split into 6 x 10 minute sessions, gradually lengthening the sessions as I got stronger.  In total I have had 12 physio sessions, 6 in the first 2 weeks at home and 3 a week for the past two weeks at the physio's office.  The last 6 sessions at the physio office have consisted of me lying on a bench surrounded by a cage, my leg being connected up with bungies and pullies and weights and doing repetitive lifts and stretches.  It was exhausting and hard work but now, 4 weeks later I am finally starting to walk with only one crutch! (On the deck that is, I think I will need both crutches for a little longer when walking up the road outside our house - it is very steep!)  I try to walk out on the road several times a day but the rest of my walking is done on our decking in the garden which is totally flat.  Here is a picture of me on the deck just after I came out of hospital with Pataud trotting along behind me!  Now he justs sits on the grass and watches me!

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