Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hip Replacement Operation

After putting up with so much pain with my hips things are finally moving forward!  Dr Bled, the consultant at St Brieuc referred me last June/July to see the surgeon at the Polyclinic in Pontivy with a view to surgery on my arthritic hips.  I got in to see Dr Boscher at the Polyclinic in August filled with hope that I would be going in for the operation soon after.  All my hopes were dashed however when Dr Boscher said I was too young for the operation and would have to wait.  He told me to make an appointment for February and have more x-rays so he could see the rate of degeneration.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement!  I cried so much on the way home and that evening that its a wonder I wasn't dehydrated, the amount of tears I shed!  After seeing my gp, Dr Manet, I came round to understanding Dr Boscher's reasoning and fully expected to have to wait probably several years before I got the operations.  I went to see Dr Boscher again on Tuesday 7th February, had the x-rays taken and went into his consulting room resigned to being put off again.  Imagine my surprise, and elation, when he said he could see how much pain I was in and did I want to go ahead with the hip replacement operation!  Yes please I said and he booked me in there and then for Thursday 1st March for the right hip and said I would probably get the left one done a month or so after. 

Tomorrow I go for all my pre-op tests, I have an appointment with Dr Bauleret the cardiologist I saw last year, at 9am (early start), then over to the Polyclinic for a 10.30 appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist and then a 1.30 appointment with the anaesthetist.  All being well I will go into hospital at 3pm on Wednesday 29th February and have the operation on Thursday 1st March.  Dr Boscher told me I would be up and sitting in a chair the next day and would only be in hospital for 5 days so that means I should be home by Monday 5th or Tuesday 6th if not before!  I was given a prescription which I filled at the chemist for two rolls of elastic bandages and a couple of crutches (I had to pay 34 euros towards the bandages though - very expensive bandages!).  We had a visit last week from a couple of reps from our health insurance company Generali who confirmed all my hospital and operations costs would be covered by our insurance and the bill would be sent direct to them which relieved me a great deal, the idea that we would have to pay the bill and get reimbursed was a huge worry!