Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Honey & tea eye inflammation tip

Yesterday I developed a really sore eye, in the morning it felt like it was full of dust or sand and it gradually got worse.  I washed the eye out several times (with Nigel's help) with eyewash in case there was something in there but it still got worse and was starting to look like a proper "pinkeye".  I was scanning the internet for remedies and came across the tip of melting some honey in a bit of warm water and dipping a teabag in the mixture and then putting this on the eye and gently squeezing the liquid into the eye.  It warned that it may sting a bit to start with but would soon give relief and voila! it did.  It did sting a little but not much and after about 5 minutes the relief was amazing.  I repeated the process once more before going to bed and this morning I had a bit of a crusty eye but all the redness had gone.  Brilliant, I'm not going to be spending out on expensive eye-washes in future when a good old tea-bag will do the job!

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