Saturday, 26 November 2011

St Mayeux Craft Fair

We have been soooo busy this month.  Next Saturday and Sunday (3rd & 4th December) we have a table at a craft fair being held at the Cafe du Centre in our nearby village of St Mayeux and we have been working really hard making things to sell.  We have made jars of cider apple jelly, one batch with ginger and one with chilli, the cider was donated by our neighbour John who has an orchard of cider apple trees and a really old cider press in one of his outbuildings (he is doing up an old farmhouse up the road).  We've made a batch of marmalade laced with whisky and tomorrow we are going to make another batch of orange jelly with ginger (oranges are really cheap in the shops at the moment).  Nigel has also made a batch of individual Delia Smith recipe Christmas puddings which we wrapped in pretty Christmas wrapping tied with ribbons.  I've been making loads of Christmas cards (English & French), notecard sets, stationery sets, fridge magnets, Christmas gift bags and gift envelope cards, purse calendars and bookmarks.  So fingers crossed our stuff will sell, this is our first time at one of these things so we dont really know what to expect, it will be an experience anyway!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Nigel and I have got our christmas presents to each other early this year (well I've got mine and Nigel's is on order), Kindles.  They are the best thing since sliced bread for anyone who reads a lot (which we do), brilliant for reading in bed they are so light.  There are numerous websites where you can download free ebooks which you can read on a Kindle and on ebay you can buy dvd's full of books by specific authors, I got a disc with all Clive Cussler's books on and it was only £3.99!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Honey & tea eye inflammation tip

Yesterday I developed a really sore eye, in the morning it felt like it was full of dust or sand and it gradually got worse.  I washed the eye out several times (with Nigel's help) with eyewash in case there was something in there but it still got worse and was starting to look like a proper "pinkeye".  I was scanning the internet for remedies and came across the tip of melting some honey in a bit of warm water and dipping a teabag in the mixture and then putting this on the eye and gently squeezing the liquid into the eye.  It warned that it may sting a bit to start with but would soon give relief and voila! it did.  It did sting a little but not much and after about 5 minutes the relief was amazing.  I repeated the process once more before going to bed and this morning I had a bit of a crusty eye but all the redness had gone.  Brilliant, I'm not going to be spending out on expensive eye-washes in future when a good old tea-bag will do the job!

Christmas Puddings

Nigel is making the Christmas puddings today.  He made the mixture yesterday and is doing the steaming today, 8 hours!  He made the same puds last year, the recipe is the Traditional Christmas Pudding from Delia Smith's Christmas recipe book, and all agreed they were absolutely delicious so he decided to stick to the same recipe this year.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Here are the two new additions to our family of animals here in France!  We went to pick up a Nanny goat for our friend Jan to keep her little goat Martha company and came away with to castrated boys for ourselves!  They are just gorgeous!  The black one with horns is called Guppy, I think he is going to need lots of loves, he sticks to you like glue when you go in the pen.  The other one, the white one without horns, is called Dylan, Dylan seems a bit braver and looks like he will be the leader.  They are about 3 or 4 years old and we love them to bits already!

More Pictures of Izzy

Just look at Ben gazing down at his little daughter, you can see who is going to be a Daddy's girl can't you!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

She's Here At Last!

Here is the first official picture of Isabelle Ashleigh Hallas, Nigel's first grandchild and my first stepgrandchild.  Will post more info as I get it!  All we know at the moment are that Emma and the baby are doing fine and that's what matters.