Tuesday, 11 October 2011


 Just thought I would post some pictures of Fav (above) and Favette (left) our two Faverolle chickens.  Fav is the cockerel and little Favette a hen (we think she is actually crossed with a white sussex because she came in a batch of white sussex eggs we hatched).  When we first got Fav he was a right little devil, very aggressive pecking anyone who put their hand in the brooder with food or water.  I wouldn't go so far as to say he's friendly now but he lets you pick him up and instead of running away like the others he comes up to you when you go into the pen.  Favette is such a little darling, she is just so cute with her fluffy cheeks and legs.  So we have decided to keep the both of them and they will be kept separately from Claude and his girls so Fav doesn't interfere with the girls.  Hopefully they will both survive and next year Favette will start laying and we will be able to hatch some more Faverolles!  A Faverolle family!

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