Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Cured belly pork
 Finding really good English-style bacon is not that easy in Brittany.  You can get it but you've got to search around and the result is usually really thinly sliced and very expensive.  So our latest endeavour at saving money and being a little self-sufficient is to cure our own pork for bacon.

 We bought some pieces of belly pork on promo, placed it in a tupperware box and covered it with a solution of salt water and sugar.  To one gallon of water we added a cup (American measure) of salt and a third of a cup of sugar.  You have to make sure the meat is totally covered and not allowed to float.  We put the box in the bottom of the
Nigel getting to grips with the slicer
Home cured bacon slices

 fridge and left for three days, turning the meat in the water on the second day and removing from the fridge on the third.  We cut a little bit of meat off and fried it to check it was done to our liking - it was lovely!  We could have put it back in the water to cure some more if we had wished.  We then completely dried the meat with kitchen towel and put back in the bottom of the fridge on a plate for 2 days to dry off.  After the two days drying period the meat was ready for slicing.  We saved some slices for that evening's dinner and put the rest in meal-sized portions in the freezer.  We even got a couple of bags of lardons from cutting up the uneven slices of meat (lovely for making pasta sauce).

We were really pleased with the result of our efforts, the bacon was delicious and not too salty (neither of us are keen on too salty bacon).  So there we are, we will definitely do it again when our bacon supplies start to run down and belly pork is on promo!


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