Friday, 26 August 2011

Mother & Jacqueline Arrive!

My mum and sister Jacqueline have arrived (along with their two poodles Pixie & Liqua) to stay for a whole month.  Jacqueline's little car, a Nissan Micra, was laden down with bags of goodies (things we cant get here in France).  They have also brought a small suitcase which contains all of Mother's photographs so we will sit and look through them and reminisce.  Its nice because I can spend time with Mother and Jacqueline helps Nigel with all the jobs that need doing around the place.    I will start taking some photos and uploading them soon.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Turkeys - 3 weeks on

 Here's the new brooder Nigel has made up in the barn, it was once the goat milking table he made from a coffee table and he has adapted it.

And here are the 3-week old turkey poults (or turklets as we call them) up in their new home in the barn.  To be honest we dont think they will be in there that long at the rate they are growing, they will probably go over into one of the rabbit pens for safety when they outgrow this brooder.  We took them up yesterday evening and I was really quite worried about leaving them but having been up again today, I am quite happy as they seem fine, they had eaten all their food and drank all their water and seemed alert and active.  I have grown really attached to them, more so than I have for chickens, ducks or geese we have hatched.  "Throwback", the speckled one in the front (named so because the speckled colour must be a throwback to the grandparents as both parents were black) is both our favourite and we will definitely be keeping him/her for breeding purposes.