Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lovely Cauliflowers & Bumper Fruit Crops

We are really pleased this year because we have finally been able to produce some nice cauliflowers, they are absolutely beautiful and the leaves were really huge and made brilliant meals for the bunnies!  They are all picked now and have been blanched and are in the freezer.

We have also had bumper crops of fruit - the redcurrants and loganberries are all picked now and the first crop of raspberries has finished.  We have enjoyed some lovely raspberry and loganberry trifles and there are plenty more in the freezer.  I've made one batch of spicy redcurrant sauce which has gone in the freezer and will go lovely with most meats.  It was really easy to do, I just cooked them down with a little water and red wine vinegar, a bit of "lite" sugar, some powdered ginger, a couple of cloves of garlic, some chilli flakes and a load of onions.  It tasted gorgeous and had a real kick from the chilli!  I think I am going to make redcurrant jelly with the rest because that can go in jars and can be used to make sauces.  I've still got a box of loganberries left over from last year and as my loganberry jam went down so well I think I'll make more of that.

The blackberry bushes are full, although they are far from ripe yet, plus our one apple tree down in the orchard is full of apples,hopefully they will all be ready around the same time and then I will stew them all down together and put in the freezer ready for pies and crumbles - yummy!  We had a blackberry and apple pie from the freezer last night after dinner and it was lovely!  We also have two trees full of pears, one William and one Conference, they are still very small so fingers crossed they plump up and ripen nicely.  Dismal failure on the cherries and blueberries this year, oh well there's always next year.

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