Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Light Sussex Chicks

Last week we acquired a batch of Light Sussex chicks.  We started off with 8, unfortunately 3 didnt survive so now we have 5 doing well and growing by the day.  I was taken up to St Brieuc by a friend to the big Emmaus centre up there.  I could have spent loads in there, there was so much stuff and so cheap, but I restrained myself and got a few large frying pans, the deep kind, which are great for feeding animals up in the barn and the best bargain of all, this guinea-pig cage.  They are so expensive here in France and I got this cage plus all the pans for 10 euros the lot.  I was really pleased!  Its perfect as a brooder and fits lovely on the spare bedroom windowsill!  Unfortunately the weather hasnt been at all good lately so we are keeping these chicks down here with the heat lamp until they have got their feathers, we dont want to risk losing them up in the barn.  At the same time as these chicks we got two Faverolle cock chicks, they were a bit older and have their feathers so they are up in the small brooder in the barn but they still seem to be cold and are huddled together under the lamp.  One of them was sneezing to start with, it was so funny it sounded just like some of the female tennis players at Wimbledon when they serve.  It seems to have stopped that now thank goodness.  Although they seem to be huddled together a lot they are still eating well and are growing by the day, I think they will be big birds - we got them for feeding up for the table.

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