Sunday, 29 May 2011

Other Duck News

On a brighter note, after losing the ducks on Friday, we do have 4 ducklings in the brooders in the barn.  This chappy on the left is the little one I fell in love with before, he/she is no longer little, in fact he/she has grown huge and is almost as big as a gosling so it is obviously more Rouen Clair than Appleyard Saxony, lets hope it turns out to be a female!   He/she is in the big brooder along with another little duckling which is about half its size and our two new goslings. 

In the small brooder are the two little ducklings below, they are very small so they are obviously Appleyard Saxonys, they are also very nervous for some reason and on the journey up to the barn they tried to jump out of the bag I was carrying them in. 
We also have 20 duck eggs in the incubator so we are keeping
everything crossed we get a good hatch rate out of them, we need a new male duck to replace Fred.

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