Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gosling Update

 The male geese had not left the goslings' brooder since we took them up last week so this morning Nigel shut the geese out whilst he cleaned out their pen and then lifted the gozzies out of the brooder and onto the floor just as the geese came back in.  Both male geese rounded the goslings up and then started what looked like preening and cleaning them.  The picture below was taken this afternoon when we went back up, they are very efficient guardsmen, back to back, one watching the goslings and the other us!  It is so cute, they are so protective of them.  Meanwhile Cheekie, one of the females, is on her third day of sitting on the nest with at least 6 eggs under her.  The chickens keep going and laying their eggs in there as well so Nigel has to turf her out once a day to pick them up.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wonderful News!

Ben and Em have now announced that Emma is pregnant with their first child (and Nigel's first grandchild!) and that the due date is around October 24th.  We are all so excited and very happy for Ben and Em.  Nigel has started looking at knitting patterns and baby clothes in shops - I just know there is going to be no containing him nearer the time!  Imagine, Nigel and Grandad and me a StepGrandma!!!

Goslings Move Up To Barn

Yesterday evening, the goslings, now just over a week old, moved up to the barn to the small brooder.  What a carry on!  They went up good as gold in a carrier bag and went into their new home but when the adult geese came in all hell broke loose!   They went mad careering around the barn and squawking at the babies.   This morning when Nigel went up to let the animals out Two Toes (one of the males) attacked him (total off the ground attack) twice leaving Nigel with a bruise on his right shoulder (thank goodness it didnt put his other shoulder out again (the one dislocated in the cockerel attack).  Nigel is going to be asking for danger money soon!  The geese are now not going far from he barn and one is in attendance on the babies at all times - bless! they must know they are their babies!  I know one thing - I will definitely not be going in that pen again for a while!!!
Meanwhile back at the house, the incubator is on the go again with 6 more goose eggs and 4 duck eggs.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lovely Weather

Well the summer finally seems to have arrived, we have had some glorious weather, its lovely getting the washing out on the line again instead of having to use the tumble dryer all the time, and Nigel has got out his shorts!  James very kindly cleared all the weeds out of my flower boxes and I have sown them with lots of flower seeds so hopefully they should make a nice show.  Unfortunately my body is letting me down big time and Nigel is having to take over the vegetable patch (under my supervision of course!).  He overdid it the other day bending over the veggie boxes and now is aching almost as much as me!  My GP has finally decided to send me to see a consultant about all my aches and pains so hopefully he (the consultant) will be able to come up with some more effective treatment.

The Geese

The geese (especially the two males) have become very aggressive since the females have started laying their eggs and to be honest they scare me to death, a fact they are obviously aware of because they chase me when I go in the pen and run over to the fence to try to get to me when I walk up the field.  When they chase Nigel they back off when he turns round but not me, they just keep coming!  Horrible creatures!  We have some of their eggs in the incubator at the moment which are due to hatch around now, in fact as I type one egg has started pipping and you can hear a little cheep when you listen closely, its always so exciting when eggs start hatching.

Bobby & Alan's Civil Ceremony

Nigel and I have recently been over to England to attend my brother Bobby's civil ceremony to his partner Alan.  What a lovely day!  Barbara, a neighbour of Mother and Jacqueline's, very kindly let us stay in her converted garage whilst we were over which was an absolute godsend.  We stayed there on the Wednesday night and then next morning drove with Mother and Jacqueline to Ilminster where Bobby and Alan had reserved rooms for us at a Travelodge for that night.  There was a bus laid on to take us all down to Lyme Regis where the ceremony was taking place at the Guild Hall and then on to a lovely hotel in Lyme Regis for a hot buffet reception.  The food was really good and there was plenty to drink, the setting was beautiful and it was just a perfect day which was topped off a treat when we arrived back at the Travelodge that evening to find we had a room with a bath!  I haven't had a bath since leaving England as we only have a shower here and it was absolute heaven to have a long soak!  We went back to Plymouth the next day and spent a couple of days with Mother and Jacqueline (staying at Barbara's again).  We visited Ben and Em on the Saturday, did some shopping and saw Lawry and Sandra when they came for Mothers Day lunch on the Sunday before returning on the Sunday night crossing.  A bit of a flying visit, very tiring but definitely worth it!  It was so good to see Bobby so happy, I have always considered myself blessed and so fortunate to have found Nigel, now I'm really happy Bobby has found someone special to share his life with, especially someone as nice as Alan.

Liz & James' Visit

Liz and James have now gone home after their recent 2-week stay with us.  They came over not only to have a holiday with us but to house/animal-sit whilst we went over to England for Bobby and Alan's civil ceremony.  We were so grateful to them as we could go away knowing everything was being taken good care of, they are both so good with all the animals and the dogs really love them.  As usual it was lovely to see them and I think they had a nice relaxing time, they even had some good weather for a change.