Friday, 4 March 2011

Charlotte's Visit

Nigel's youngest daughter Charlotte has now returned to England after her holiday with us.  I think she had a good time, Nigel turned into a chef again cooking gorgeous meals, clean plates every night so she must have enjoyed them too!   Charlotte works very long unsocial hours in her job in a bar and she arrived here looking very tired and left looking relaxed and refreshed, the break doing absolutely nothing but eat, sleep, make cocktails(!) and the odd walk with the dogs obviously did her the world of good.  I think the highlight of her holiday had to be when she discovered our drinks cupboard, we have a fairly good selection of spirits and liqueurs and her eyes lit up and you could see all cocktails going round in her head!  Anyway it was really lovely to see her again and we both agreed it was a pleasure to have her here and hope its not too long before she comes again.

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