Friday, 18 February 2011

Minnie's First Egg!

Claude and Minnie, our two remaining French White Maran chickens, have reached maturity and today Minnie laid her first egg!  Bless her heart it is only a small (mini) egg but is still bigger than a normal first egg the other hybrids laid  (It's sitting on a teaspoon in the pic).  We are now searching for a new home for Marlon so we can bring these two out to join the other hens.  We don't really want to kill Marlon as he is so beautiful, glossy feathers and lovely colours, he is such a lovely cockerel it would be a shame to eat him.  Unfortunately he can't stay though because we don't want him to "spoil" Minnie, we want Claude to be the "man of the flock" now, he is such a handsome boy!.

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