Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Rabbits

 Apart from 3 rabbits, all the litters of rabbits grew nicely and have been despatched and we have a freezer full of rabbit meat - good result!  Nigel noticed a couple of the females were obviously pregnant so he took them out and put them in separate cages to let them have their litters.  Nonie (she started off as noname), one of Brindy's kits, produced 11 babies of which 10 survived - an amazing feat.  Brownie, one of Blossom's kits, produced 8, all of which survived.  We both fell in love with and decided to keep one of Mopsey's babies, a male who Nigel named Grumpledumple.  Jacqueline claimed he was always grumpy when she went to feed them but we think it was just her he didnt like because he is such a friendly bunny who enjoys being picked up and stroked.  He is going to be Newbie's oppo in the breeding regime. 

All the baby rabbits are now around 7 weeks old and we have 3 females in each of the concrete pens and 12 males in the big pen in the chicken area.  I have advertised them on the AngloInfo forum to see if we can sell any but it doesnt really matter if we dont, we'll just keep feeding them up, Joli and Pataud are really enjoying having rabbit for their weekly fresh meat treat and Nigel is finding so many different ways to cook rabbit!

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