Sunday, 30 January 2011


A couple of the geese have been in the wars lately.  We have 4 geese, one large male and one small male and one large female and one small female.  We don't know if they are in two pairs as they all stick together and we've never actually seen them paired off.  Anyway its the two smaller ones who have had injuries, both the same injury to one of their feet. We think it probably happened when they squeezed their way through a hole in the wire fence into the chicken area to steal their food, the big ones wouldnt fit through so thats probably why they werent injured.  Nigel and Jacqueline splinted and strapped the injured feet and the small female (Cheeky Charlie) seems to have healed very well and is walking much better now.  Unfortunately the small male's foot doesn't seem to want to heal as well and it spends most of its time sat down and limps badly so we think maybe it may be kinder to give it the chop.  We only really need one male for the two females so from that viewpoint its ok.  Its funny but when we were selling geese to downsize the flock last year we only kept the large male because we felt sorry for him because he seemed to be the outcast of the flock, now he is definitely the alpha male and is a really big goose.  It wont be long before the females will start laying eggs again, we didnt get any offspring from them last year by leaving them to sit and hatch the eggs themselves so this year we are going to take the eggs and incubate them ourselves, that way hopefully we will have geese to eat and sell again at the end of this year.

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