Sunday, 30 January 2011


A couple of the geese have been in the wars lately.  We have 4 geese, one large male and one small male and one large female and one small female.  We don't know if they are in two pairs as they all stick together and we've never actually seen them paired off.  Anyway its the two smaller ones who have had injuries, both the same injury to one of their feet. We think it probably happened when they squeezed their way through a hole in the wire fence into the chicken area to steal their food, the big ones wouldnt fit through so thats probably why they werent injured.  Nigel and Jacqueline splinted and strapped the injured feet and the small female (Cheeky Charlie) seems to have healed very well and is walking much better now.  Unfortunately the small male's foot doesn't seem to want to heal as well and it spends most of its time sat down and limps badly so we think maybe it may be kinder to give it the chop.  We only really need one male for the two females so from that viewpoint its ok.  Its funny but when we were selling geese to downsize the flock last year we only kept the large male because we felt sorry for him because he seemed to be the outcast of the flock, now he is definitely the alpha male and is a really big goose.  It wont be long before the females will start laying eggs again, we didnt get any offspring from them last year by leaving them to sit and hatch the eggs themselves so this year we are going to take the eggs and incubate them ourselves, that way hopefully we will have geese to eat and sell again at the end of this year.


The ducks are all doing great.  Fred and Wilma, the Rouen Clairs and Silvy, Willow, Buffy and Pebbles, the Appleyard Saxonys, are getting along fine down behind the house in the pond compound, we've even been getting eggs which are about to go in the incubator, may be a little early but you never know.  The drakes are still going up in the top field, there are 8 left, 6 Saxony/Appleyards, 1 runner and 1 aylesbury runner cross.  We sold one at Christmas to a local French chap we know who wanted it for his Christmas dinner and Nigel despatched another - the meat was really delicious.  The rest, apart from the runner, are now due for despatch and Nigel is going to start on that this week.  There is no point in chopping the runner as they have very little meat on them so he will be off at some point to a friend of our neighbour who have a large pond with ducks on.

Sunday Night TV

Once again Sunday night has become the best night of the week for tv, two of my faves have returned, Dancing on Ice and Wild at Heart.  I'm backing the lad from Eastenders (can't remember his name at the moment) to win Dancing, its visions of series 4 when Ray Quinn was streets ahead of the rest right from the start.  I'm so glad that chap from Coronation Street got sent home, he just annoys me!  Talking of Eastenders, don't thinks its up to much at the moment, I'm even missing the odd episode if there's a film or something on the other side.  Nothing comes in the way of Holby City though, thats my favourite soap at present - I'm just waiting to see if Chrissie and Sacha get together in the end - its got to happen!

The Rabbits

 Apart from 3 rabbits, all the litters of rabbits grew nicely and have been despatched and we have a freezer full of rabbit meat - good result!  Nigel noticed a couple of the females were obviously pregnant so he took them out and put them in separate cages to let them have their litters.  Nonie (she started off as noname), one of Brindy's kits, produced 11 babies of which 10 survived - an amazing feat.  Brownie, one of Blossom's kits, produced 8, all of which survived.  We both fell in love with and decided to keep one of Mopsey's babies, a male who Nigel named Grumpledumple.  Jacqueline claimed he was always grumpy when she went to feed them but we think it was just her he didnt like because he is such a friendly bunny who enjoys being picked up and stroked.  He is going to be Newbie's oppo in the breeding regime. 

All the baby rabbits are now around 7 weeks old and we have 3 females in each of the concrete pens and 12 males in the big pen in the chicken area.  I have advertised them on the AngloInfo forum to see if we can sell any but it doesnt really matter if we dont, we'll just keep feeding them up, Joli and Pataud are really enjoying having rabbit for their weekly fresh meat treat and Nigel is finding so many different ways to cook rabbit!

Mother & Jacqueline's Visit

As previously mentioned Mother and Jacqueline and the poodles came over for a holiday at Christmas.  They came over on 14th December and went back on 4th January so it was a nice long stay.  It was good to see them again and we had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  The poodles and Joli and Pataud all get on so well, Joli loves having other dogs around and is definitely enamoured with Liqua.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Christmas Goodies

The dogs in the snow

You just couldn't get two more different dogs than Joli and Pataud!  Joli just loved the snow, he couldn't wait to get out in it and loved to romp around.  With his long legs he wasn't really affected by the snow but poor little Pataud, he is so close to the ground with his stumpy little legs that every time he went out in the snow he would come back in with snowballs stuck to his legs and sometimes even to his face.  Hence he didn't like the snow and sometimes didn't even want to go out for a walk (very unlike Pataud).  The only way to get the snowballs off his legs other than pulling them off which he didn't like because it hurt (he's such a baby) was with a bowl of hot water and a flannel.


The first snow of this winter arrived early at the end of November.  We made sure we were more prepared this year by making sure our cupboards were well stocked so we wouldn't run out if we were snowed in.   Luckily it only lasted about a week and then the rain came and washed it all away.  I say luckily because Mother and Jacqueline were coming over in the second week of December and it would have been dire if they couldn't get down to us from the ferryport.  Anyway it all worked out well because the snow stayed away until after they arrived and then came again to give us a White Christmas! Lovely!

I'm Back!

Well its been about 3 months since I last posted and I have no excuses except I've been really busy designing sheets for craftsuprint, when I'm not putting the sheets together I'm either surfing for graphics or colouring in black and white drawings to use in them.  There were also all the preparations for Christmas, Nigel and I spent quite a bit of time making sets of notecards and calendars to send to family for Christmas presents and then of course there was Christmas itself with Mother and Jacqueline's visit (more on that later).  Anway excuses aside I am going to make every effort to post more often and keep the blog up to date!