Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The "Morons" In Their New Pen

Here are the remaining French Maran chickens in their new pen.  Sadly last week we had an outbreak of coccidiosis and lost 4 of them (plus the white cockerel from Marlon's group).  Luckily the medecine we got from the vet seems to have done its job and the remaining 5 seem healthy and strong.  We are pretty sure now we have two cockerels and 3 hens which is what we were planning on keeping anyway, so fingers crossed these survive.  They seem happy in their new surroundings, they have plenty of room and a pallet to roost on so they should be fine in there for the winter.  They seem to be developing well, they are just over 9 weeks old now and the cockerels are starting to find their voices, its not a proper cockadoodledoo yet, just a sort of cough.  Will be interesting to see how Marlon reacts to two strange cockerels crowing in his barn!

Another CUP Card

I just love what Ann Fellows has done with this card featuring our darling little Pataud.  This is his classic pose, stood up on the wall outside the house door.  Whenever he is in the garden and you go out he comes running up for a bit of fuss.  To see the CUP sheet for this card press this link: Scruffy Little Dog

Mopsy's Babies Growing

Mopsy's babies are gorgeous!  They are just sooo cute when they climb up at the front of their cage waiting for their food!  Funny, their ears aren't half as big as the others, hope this doesn't mean they aren't going to grow very big.

CUP Card

Another lovely card, made by Kristina Norbat.  I photographed the Peepil Leaf pictures Mother and Jacqueline have on their living room wall and think they have come out really well.  To see the CUP sheet for this card press this link: Peepil Leaf Paintings

Young Bunnies New Home

Brindy, Bluebell and Blossom's babies are all growing really well and have now moved into the new pens Nigel has built for them.  As you can see from these pictures they are no longer babies but young rabbits now and have lost that really cute look they had as babies.  We cant get over how big their ears are - huge! - hope they grow to fit them so we get plenty of meat!

Nigel has worked really hard and only has one more section left to concrete along this side of the barn (at the other end in the chicken pen).  I have to say it is so much easier feeding the bunnies in these new pens.  We just need to fix up a light fitting on a timer over their area as it is a little dark in this corner of the barn and as it is getting cooler now we dont open the shutters (on the wall above the pens) which did let a bit of light in.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Another CUP Card

Fishing On The Lake
This card was made by Joan Prince and I think it has made up really well.  I took the photos up at the lake at Corlay where we walk the dogs.  It is a very popular spot for fishing.  It was really amusing because when I asked the chap if I could take his picture he said yes and carried on fishing but the two young lads promptly turned round and posed for the photo with big grins on their faces.  I didnt have the heart to tell them I wanted a photo of them fishing!
To see the sheet for this card press here: FISHING ON THE LAKE

Today's CUP card

Smallholder Animals - Chickens
Here is a card made by Lynda Jones which I particularly like.  Pictured are Red and Girty, two of our original chickens.  Red died ages ago but Girty is still going strong, she doesnt lay any eggs any more but is a bit of a matriarch figure with Marlon's younger girls.
To see the sheet for this card press this link:

Mopsy's New Babies

Havent got a photo yet as they havent come out of the nest box yet but Mopsy has given birth to 5 babies, all the same colouring as her, fingers crossed they all survive this time.  Unfortunately Bluebell's poorly baby which was in Emergency Ward 10 died yesterday so with Mopsy's new litter that makes 19 baby rabbits to feed up.  That will keep us going nicely till next year when we start over again early in the spring.

The "Morons" are growing!

Our French White Maran chicks (the Morons as Nigel calls them) are growing really quickly.  They are going on 6 weeks and are looking a bit scruffy at the moment because they are getting their adult feathers but are still a bit patchy yet.  From the size of their combs we reckon we have 5 females and 4 males which is quite a good result.  I think they are going to be beautiful birds with their fluffy trousers and pure white colouring.  Their due date for starting to lay eggs is mid December but because of shorter daylight hours its possible they may not start till early spring, so by next summer we will be into full production of French White Marans for the freezer - yummy!