Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another CUP Card

Ducks on the Pond
I love this card, it was made by Audrey Clifford.  She has just made it up straight from the sheet and it looks so pretty.  Its a picture of Fred and Wilma our two Rouen Clair ducks sitting on their pond.
To see the sheet for this card press here: DUCKS ON THE POND

Billie - "One of the Boys"

Since Billie has been sleeping out in the lounge with the dogs Nigel says she thinks she is one of the boys, seems he is probably right, here she is having a dip into Joli's food bowl.  When I cook the dogs their "special" twice weekly breakfast of ham, toast and eggs, she sits waiting for her share of the ham.  Nigel said if she wanted to be one of the boys she had to eat toast and eggs too!
For her first couple of years here she was such a timid cat spending most of her time in the bedroom.  Now she doesnt spend any time in there (we keep the door shut now) and she goes out into the garden regularly and has finally become the queen of the house.  If she decides to sit in the doorway enjoying a bit of sun the dogs wont go by her, they just sit and whine at us (even Pataud who normally isnt frightened of anything), makes you wonder if they have felt a claw or two!  Its about time I say!

CraftsUprint Designs

I have decided to start posting pictures of the cards people have made of my Craftsuprint sheets.  This is my best selling sheet so far.  The card was made by Dianne Jackson, I think she has done a really lovely job of this one.  The picture was taken at Plymbridge Woods where Nigel and I used to walk Bugle, bless his heart, he used to love swimming in the river.
To see my sheet for this card press this link: WOODLAND RIVER SCENE
Woodland River Scene

Monday, 30 August 2010

X-Factor Again

Well it seems it took a week for Simon to turn back to his old self, he was a right grumps on Saturday night. Its a shame because I think he is really tasty when he grins and smiles! This week I really liked the older woman from Scotland, I thought she had a really good voice. I also liked the lad at the end who couldnt really sing but he was really "likeable" as Louis puts it, I've had that song he tried to sing on my brain ever since and cant remember who recorded it - "Dont stop believin"! It will come to me no doubt. I really didnt think much to the girl who was chucked out the other year who they were raving about. Oh well roll on boot camp and the live shows.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Yay, X-Factor has started again! Nigel is not impressed as he thinks it is rubbish but I dont care, I like it and I'm going to watch it! Last night I really liked the girl with the red flower in her hair, I thought she had a really good voice. I thought Simon Cowell seemed a lot nicer last night, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts before he starts getting nasty again.

Willow Trees

Back in March/April 2008 we bought and planted a whole load of willow cuttings. They were about a foot tall and were pushed into the ground till only a couple of inches remained above the surface. These pictures aren't very clear but you can just about see some of the willows now, they have grown really tall and are starting to fill out nicely.

Bluebell & Babies

The picture on the top is Bluebell and three of her babies, all doing well and thriving. The one below is the fourth of Bluebell's surviving babies (3 didnt survive unfortunately), we have taken it out and put it in its own little cage (Emergency Ward 10 as Nigel calls it) as it doesnt seem to be doing so well, it is very floppy and has a bad back leg and is much smaller than the other three. We were worried Bluebell might kill it if we left it in with her, we think she may have killed the others. Apparently although rabbits dont usually kill and eat their young it has been known to happen if they are weak and sickly.

Blossom's babies

Here are Blossom's 8 babies, all thriving and eating everything you put in front of them. They really are so cute at this age. They are just over 5 weeks old now. The darker beige one at the front is Nigel's favourite so I think we may be keeping that one if it is a girl.

Brindy and babies

Brindy's babies are now just over 6 weeks old and are growing big and strong. Aren't they gorgeous, all three dark like their mum. They are due to leave mum's cage very soon.

Fred & Wilma

As you can see Fred and Wilma, our Rouen Clair ducks are growing like mad and are turning into big beautiful ducks. They seem very happy indeed and spend all their days in the pond.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Craftsuprint July Competition

This is my entry into the July cardmaking competition at Craftsuprint. Anyone reading this please please please vote for me by clicking on my craftsuprint button (over on the right) and going to the home page, the link for voting is in the box at the top left - July Competition Voting.

Blossom & Bluebell's Babies

These are Bluebell's babies, she had 7 which is a good size litter. Aren't they gorgeous!

These are Blossom's babies, she had 8, one more than Bluebell and although they were all born on the same day, Blossom's babies seem more lively than Bluebell's. They are all gorgeous though at this age.