Friday, 30 July 2010

New Arrivals - French White Maran Chicks

Here are 7 of the 9 chicks that hatched on Monday and Tuesday 26th/27th July. 9 out of 15 hatch - not too bad. These are in the small brooder up in the barn. The other 2 are still down in the nursery brooder in the house, in hospital, because they had splay legs (their legs weren't strong enough to hold them up and they splayed out). They have a sticking plaster holding the legs in the correct position and they are able to stand up. The plaster will stay on for about a week until their legs are strong enough to hold them up naturally and then they will go up to the barn to join the others. They are so cute, they have feathers on their legs so when they are grown up they will have full length trousers on! These are our first pure breed chickens so we will be keeping them separate from the other chickens.

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