Saturday, 24 July 2010

Duck Update

The ducks (you can't really call them ducklings any more!) are all growing so well. The two from the original batch, seen here in the picture on the right, are about 12 weeks old. One is a definite Indian Runner duck and the other is probably an Aylesbury/Runner cross. The big Runner stands head and shoulders above the rest and is always at the front of the group as it is running along.
The Saxony Appleyards are now 9 weeks old and are starting to look really beautiful with their colours. We have a cuckoo in the nest so to speak with one of them turning out to be an Aylesbury. So far we are thinking we have 4 males and the rest of them are females so if this turns out for definite it is a good result. Next week we will hopefully be bringing home a couple of Jan's Rouen Claire ducks which are a big breed meat bird, they are about the same age as ours and are so much bigger already. They will go down in the duck compound around the pond and we will then have to decide which of the
saxony/appleyards we are going to keep for breeding to put down with them. All good fun!

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