Friday, 30 July 2010

CraftsUprint Designs

I started uploading craft sheet designs onto the CraftsUprint website on 15th June. I had to sell 100 sheets as a New Designer before I became a Bronze Designer. I reached my target and became a Bronze Designer on Tuesday 27th July. I now have to sell 900 sheets to be made up to a Silver Designer, I'm on 889 at the moment so I need to get cracking designing sheets! If you are reading this please click on the Craftsuprint button at the top of the blog to have a look at my designs (and earn me 2p a click!).

New Arrivals - Rouen Clair Ducks

This is Fred and Wilma our two new Rouen Clair ducks (Fred is the one in the front with the dark ring around his bill and eyes). They are such beautiful ducks and are so big! They are the same age as our Appleyard Saxony crosses but they are so much bigger already. They have gone straight into the duck compound with the pond and as you can see they love the pond, this is the first time they have been on water and they took to it straight away - like ducks to water! We are humming and hahing over whether to transfer the Appleyard Saxonys we are going to keep down to this compound to join them as the male will be so much bigger and could damage the A/S females if he tries to get on them. It would be ok on water because of the buoyancy but on land he would be very heavy. We will wait and see how big the A/S's get and indeed if the Rouens get any bigger. All good fun!

New Arrivals - French White Maran Chicks

Here are 7 of the 9 chicks that hatched on Monday and Tuesday 26th/27th July. 9 out of 15 hatch - not too bad. These are in the small brooder up in the barn. The other 2 are still down in the nursery brooder in the house, in hospital, because they had splay legs (their legs weren't strong enough to hold them up and they splayed out). They have a sticking plaster holding the legs in the correct position and they are able to stand up. The plaster will stay on for about a week until their legs are strong enough to hold them up naturally and then they will go up to the barn to join the others. They are so cute, they have feathers on their legs so when they are grown up they will have full length trousers on! These are our first pure breed chickens so we will be keeping them separate from the other chickens.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Breeding Like Rabbits!

Havent got many photos yet as they are still a bit young but we have quite a few new baby rabbits. Brindy gave birth to 3 babies (all black) on 9th July (2 weeks old) and both Blossom and Bluebell gave birth on 16th July. We dont know exactly how many they have yet as they are kept hidden most of the time but we think they had 6 or 7 apiece. All doing well so far. Unfortunately Mopsey's last baby didnt make it so she has had a bit of a rest and is going back in with Newby shortly.

Duck Update

The ducks (you can't really call them ducklings any more!) are all growing so well. The two from the original batch, seen here in the picture on the right, are about 12 weeks old. One is a definite Indian Runner duck and the other is probably an Aylesbury/Runner cross. The big Runner stands head and shoulders above the rest and is always at the front of the group as it is running along.
The Saxony Appleyards are now 9 weeks old and are starting to look really beautiful with their colours. We have a cuckoo in the nest so to speak with one of them turning out to be an Aylesbury. So far we are thinking we have 4 males and the rest of them are females so if this turns out for definite it is a good result. Next week we will hopefully be bringing home a couple of Jan's Rouen Claire ducks which are a big breed meat bird, they are about the same age as ours and are so much bigger already. They will go down in the duck compound around the pond and we will then have to decide which of the
saxony/appleyards we are going to keep for breeding to put down with them. All good fun!

Liz and James's Holiday

I cant believe we didnt take a single picture of Liz and James whilst they were over here for their holiday. Still here is one of them at the wedding.
They were really lucky for the first week of their stay as the weather was dry and really hot. James worked hard in the garden cutting down the bracken and trimming the hedges and got a lovely rash for his efforts. We are not sure if it was from the bracken or hedges or just a heat rash, he did work up quite a sweat! The latter half of their stay it rained quite a bit but I think they were grateful for the cool at least. Poor Liz was suffering a great deal with her hip, it was awful to see her in so much pain, lets hope they are able to get her sorted out when she eventually gets to see the consultant.


On the Saturday after the wedding we went and did some shopping in Morrisons in Paignton (it was lovely! the big supermarkets here are brilliant but I do miss Morrisons sometimes) then Liz and James took us on a tour of Torquay (in the car of course). We stopped at a really nice park area overlooking Thatchers Island where we had a sandwich and a drink. Then we went back to L & J's flat where Charlotte was waiting and we chilled for the rest of the afternoon. We were going to be going out for a meal in the evening and we had decided on an Indian but we had left it too late to book and we were all feeling shattered anyway so we ordered a takeaway - it was delicious, our first Indian takeaway since leaving England. Mind you Nigel does a lovely curry so we dont go without!

The Wedding

We had a lovely weekend away in England staying with Liz and James and attending Ben and Emma's wedding. The weather was very kind for the wedding and it was a lovely day, albeit very emotional what with tears at the registry office (it was very touching!) and in the evening when Nigel got a tad drunk and maudling about missing his family. They both looked the business in their wedding clothes, Emma was a picture in her lovely dress and Ben very smart in his suit with fancy waistcoat and tie. All in all it was a lovely day.