Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teenage Chickens

The teenage chickens have now reached 17 weeks and we thought it was time the female ones we are keeping for egg laying came out to join the adult hens. We took 5 out and it was very interesting the reaction from Marlon our cockerel. We are going to keep another cockerel as well (Nigel likes the big red one) and he put that one out first. Marlon ran straight over and started to beat it up big time so we put it back in again. When the females came out Marlon just had a good look at them but didnt touch them (well he gave one a bit of a peck but thats all). Still being immature and not male they are obviously of no interest to him. We can start feeding the rest left in the pen up in earnest now ready for despatch to the freezer.

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