Thursday, 17 June 2010


These little blighters have well outgrown their brooder, they are no longer chicks but little chickens now! When the ducklings move out of the bigger brooder we will shift these chaps/chapesses over there for a couple of weeks until Nigel has the chance to concrete a new pen in the chicken compound. Then when the teenage chicks (Nigel's name for the 15/16 week old chickens we have) move on (females out with the grown up chickens for egg laying and cockerels into a fattening pen pre-despatch to the freezer) the young chicks will go into the teenage chick compound which has pop-hole out to an outside pen. Then they will start on the cycle the teenage chicks are on now. We should probably be thinking about putting some more eggs in the incubator soon for the next cycle!

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