Friday, 21 May 2010

Update on ducklings

Sadly there are only 2 ducklings left, but they seem to be doing ok, dont know if its because we have put them onto proprietary starter food or what but we are keeping all fingers and toes crossed! The good news is - the Saxony/Appleyard cross eggs in the incubator have started hatching, there is one duckling out of the egg and numerous others in various stages from pipping to almost out! This is a very exciting stage and every time we pass the incubator we have to have a quick peak to see how its going. The first one is so pretty, dark in colour but with yellow stripes and patches. We can expect a couple of broken nights as the incubator is just outside our bedroom door and they tend to make a din if they hatch out during the night, cheaping "I'm out, I'm out". Nigel is busy finishing off a new brooder in the barn so the chicks can move up there and free up the bedroom brooder for the newborn ducklings. Its all go at the moment! Will post a photo of the new ducklings when they come out of the incubator.

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