Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jimbo survives and Red bites the dust!


Jimbo, our spare cockerel, was set for the pot this weekend, he is a big bird and will make a lovely curry. Nigel managed to catch him in the net but the net broke and the blighter escaped, did a runner and there was no catching him after that so he has a reprieve for a few days! He had really annoyed me yesterday because poor Red, one of our original chickens, was laid on the floor unable to move because she was really poorly when along came Jimbo and jumped on her, Marlon - "the main man", our number one cockerel, wasnt around and she couldn't run away so he took his chance - the sod! I thought she was dead at first and Jimbo was into a bit of necrophilia so I chased him off and then I saw she was still alive, barely. Nigel took her away and put her out of her misery, she hadnt been right for a couple of days. We've only got Flo and Girty left from our original chickens, they are still going strong at 2 and a bit years old and are still laying, although we arent getting their eggs at the moment as they are getting in with Daisy the broody to lay their eggs in her broody box, they must think their eggs are safe in there! Daisy started off sitting on one egg but now has 12 under her, dont know how many will hatch, fingers crossed we get a few!

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